Calvary Home for Children

The mission of Calvary Home for Children is to present the hope of Christ to children who are without adequate family structure and in need of a long-term Christ-centered home.

Calvary Home for Children is committed to providing long-term Christian care to abused, neglected, and orphaned children, with a great emphasis placed on keeping sibling groups together. Though they work one on one with families in private placement of children, they also have a very close working relationship with The South Carolina Department of Social Services. When needing a placement solution, state and local agency’s first call is often to CHC. CHC’s greatest desire and objective is to reunite the child with their parents as soon as those parents can provide a safe and nurturing home environment for children. In such cases where this reconciliation is not possible, Calvary Home is willing and able to provide a home for the at-risk child through their teenage years. CHC is presently exploring the possibility of becoming a licensing agency in order to have great flexibility and control of licensing foster families to work within the context of CHC. They are also exploring becoming an agency capable of facilitating and carrying out legal adoptions. In the unique situations where an ideal adoption opportunity arises CHC would, once again, have greater authority and responsibility of placing the child in a godly home. The ability to eventually provide each of these services enables CHC to broaden its effectiveness and become more specialized in its care of children. With each passing year, CHC’s vision expands and develops as they better understand their role in God’s great plan.

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