Links of Interest

PCA-Related Links

For news and information concerning our denomination, our educational institutions, or our presbytery, please visit the following sites:

The Presbyterian Church in America

The Northwest Georgia Presbytery

Covenant College, our denominational college

Covenant Theological Seminary, our denomination’s seminary

byFaith, our denominational magazine

Christian Education & Publications

Great Commission Publications (a joint venture with the Orthodox Presbyterian Church)

Additional Reformed Seminary Links

These are excellent institutions also available to train Gospel ministers and missionaries for the PCA:

Birmingham Theological Seminary

Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Knox Theological Seminary

Reformed Theological Seminary

Westminster Theological Seminary

Presbyterian and Reformed Print/Media Resources

We have found the following companies to be great resources for materials by historic and present Presbyterian and Reformed authors:

Banner of Truth

Christian Focus Publications

Greenville Seminary Press, Presbyterian Press 

Leben, a journal of reformed life

Ligonier Ministries

Naphtali Press

Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing

Still Waters Revival Books

Great Puritan Print and Media Resources

We have found these links to be useful for researching or obtaining great Puritan works:

A Puritan’s Mind

Puritan Library

Reformation Heritage Books

Reformation Trust Publishing

Archaeology and the Bible

The Associates for Biblical Research monitors new archaeological discoveries of the ancient Biblical world, and in fact produces many of these new discoveries through its own staff of professional archaeologists. The rapid pace of these discoveries, made possible by new scientific advances in archaeological technology, makes ABR’s ministry even more important as the only U.S. organization to provide a Biblical perspective of each of these discoveries.